Meet Fermaggio

A unique product created from tradition and innovation

Fermaggio cheese, fresh or aged, is obtained from the fermentation of nuts and ground on granite marble stone. Born from the need to create a product with the best organoleptic properties, we have put the best ingredients into the creation process of Fermaggio, in addition to our loving care. By carefully selecting ingredients of premium quality, we have created a genuine, nutritious and delicious food product that is free from vegetable oils and chemical additives.

Nowadays, the food market is full of cheese surrogates to meet the increasing demand from consumers.

Many people have quit consuming dairy cheese for various reasons, such as health, moral and ethical choices. Fermaggio offers a qualitative plant-based alternative for a healthy, ethical and tasty way of eating cheese!

Slow food production for a premium quality result

Time and loving care are our secret ingredients, passed through to us by our grandmothers. It is by paying attention to the smallest details that great things can come to life.

In the era of "fast food" and "ready-made" we want to rediscover ancient techniques of food processing in order to find an authentic taste. Thanks to the low temperatures of the slow stone-ground process (below 30°C) all the nutritional properties and flavors remain preserved. Our millstones run for about 3 hours before making the dough that will become Fermaggio. This calm and patient process give a sense of peace and wellbeing. By choosing this processing technique we have renounced the convenience of the latest generation blenders to respect all food qualities.

An ancient technique for food innovation: the process of fermentation

The benefits of food fermentation are known and the use of this technique dates back to ancient times. Fermentation takes place by means of Rejuvelac. This is an enzymatic drink naturally obtained from cereals sprouted in water. This process has always been used to transform foods making them more digestible and easier to store. In Fermaggio's production, the process of fermentation plays a double role. By increasing the biological value of the product, fermentation gives Fermaggio its delicate aroma and perfume.

Rejuvelac: a wonderful ingredient for a wonderful health

Rejuvelac helps to keep young and represents a fundamental element of the "Living Foods Lifestyle", developed by the nutritionist Ann Wigmore (1909-1994) to fight diseases and improve the quality of life. Rejuvelac is rich in probiotic enzymes, vitamins of group B, C and E and mineral salts. It contains beneficial bacteria that help cleanse the intestines and keep the colon healthy, as well as eliminate harmful toxins from the body.

Fermaggio is a super-food capable of giving strength and vitality.

100% plant-based

Fermaggio is a vegan and raw food product that is dairy and gluten-free. It does not contain cholesterol and is recommended for those suffering from diabetes.


We care about our planet and environment, which is the reason why we have chosen to create a food product that is 100% vegetable. Intensive breeding generates a lot of sufferance for the animals, therefore, we decided to thank our Mother Earth offering us the best ingredients for a great alternative.

100% Fairtrade

We source our supplies (cashews and macadamia nuts) from the Chico Mendes Modena cooperative society, with a long history in the promotion of the social-cultural development in South America.

Our purchases are ensured of a fair remuneration and adequate working conditions for the workers in Latin-America.

Unique sensorial experience

Fermaggio does not aim to imitate the classical taste of dairy cheese but to give a new and unique sensorial experience instead. The wide variety of flavors, aromas and textures and in some cases, the use of noble molds, give Fermaggio an amazingly delicious taste for a new and unique sensory experience!