About Us

In the green hills of Cave, a province of Rome, Rondina's Food was born from the idea of brothers Manfredi and Timoteo Rondina: an artisan workshop of Fermaggio. A place of research, where passion and experience create new flavors and sensations to savor. Selecting the best products that nature generously offers us, trying to participate in the virtuous change of eating habits by offering healthy and good food for an evolving world.

Chef Manfredi Rondina, creator and founder of Fermaggio, is specialized in creative vegan cuisine. He firmly believes in a new way of feeding himself, that food is the first step in changing himself and the planet. In the kitchen he puts all his love and passion that have accompanied him since his tender age. For years he promotes a new, creative cuisine, attentive to nutritional aspects and taste. It is from this attention to food that his Fermaggio was born, looking for exceptional raw materials, and ancient transformation techniques such as stone grinding, fermentation and seasoning to obtain a healthy and genuine product. He organizes events to taste his completely vegetable dishes and marvel at the balance of its combinations; cooking courses and personalized advice for all those who want to approach this new way of eating.